At Keystone Dirtworks, we specialize in providing expert grading and drainage solutions that ensure proper water flow, prevent erosion, and create a stable foundation for your outdoor spaces. With our team of skilled professionals and cutting-edge equipment, we tackle projects of all sizes, from residential yards to commercial properties. We combine precision engineering with a keen eye for detail to transform uneven landscapes into level, functional, and aesthetically pleasing areas. Whether you're dealing with poor drainage, erosion issues, or simply want to optimize your land's layout, our comprehensive grading and drainage services will help you achieve your goals. Explore our range of services, learn about our proven techniques, and let us help you shape a landscape that is both beautiful and functional.

Foundation Grading

Foundation grading is simple but crucial to insure a long life for your foundation. We establish proper backfill and grade with high quality compactable dirt to direct water away from your foundation. We also provide landscaping options such as grass with erosion mat, sod, and decorative options to prevent any washout of your new grade. This is an exceptionally high value service to our customers because the cost is generally low and the benefit is extremely high.

Drainage Solutions

Drainage is our specialty and we take pride in the effort we put into every property. We start by establishing an elevation plot of your property to what the cause of your issue is and then decide what type of system will provide the most value. 

French Drain

A french drain system is very common in low areas where we cannot establish a flow of water just with grading. This type of drain allows a large amount of water to soak deep into the ground much quicker than it would normally. French drains are also hidden for the most part in that they do not always have a visible grate so they have minimal impact on the aesthetics of existing landscaping.

Open Grate Drain

An open grate drain system allows us to strategically place one or multiple catch basins and underground piping to send whatever wherever we need it to go without use of an electric pump. An open grate system is appropriate when the grade of the property allows us to send water in the direction we want using gravity.

Gutter Downspout & Sump Pump Exhaust

Burying downspout drains and sump pump exhaust is a service that almost any property will benefit from. This allows us to control where the water from your roof actually goes and can often solve some of the worst water issues.  

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are an excellent tool to change grade entirely by building up an area. Our retaining walls are built with high quality materials and engineered to last a lifetime. Retaining walls don’t always have to be purely functional. They can also be a decorative piece to give your landscaping an extra focus.